Our Girls


Stella our beautiful blue harlequin girl.   We fell in love with her beautiful face and she won us over with her sweetness. Stella’s over all a nice thick girl weighing in at 150# and 32” tall.


Bailey comes from imported lines.   She would rather stand by your side and get pet while the other dogs run and play.   Super sweet girl.    She averages 150 pounds and 34”


Grace was our first born Tan Point showing here at Okie Danes.  She loves to run and play in the water.   Grace is 32” tall and averages

130 lbs. 


Martha our fawn frenchie is tiny weighing in at 25 lbs. She loves giving high 5’s and digging in her water bowl.   When she’s not in mischief she loves to snuggle right up and nap.


Sookie is our chocolate fawn brindle English bulldo who always keeps us laughing. She loves to test out her fast feet by keeping up with the Danes.    Sookie weighs in at 50 lbs.

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